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Holiday Gift Guide

No more socks, undies or ties! There’s no need to buy another boring present this Christmas when there are so many unique, useful and well.. awesome gifts you can give! Here are our absolute favorites in this year’s Holiday Gift Guide!

Happy shopping and Merry Christmas! 

1. Whirly Board

The only balance board you’ll ever need! I’m high key obsessed with the Whirly Board.. it’s not only incredibly useful (in numerous ways), it’s also just a lot of fun! The design is basically the top of a skateboard with half sphere balance balls underneath. Find your balance. Pretend you’re surfing. Partake in balance competitions with your friends. In addition to the pure fun, there are many other great benefits. I personally love using the Whirly Board at a stand up desk to improve balance and core muscles! It’s also a great tool for assisting with rehabilitation to ankle and knee injuries. Perfect for anyone on your Christmas list! Click here to buy!

2. Sound Oasis’ illumy – The Smart Sleep Mask

Sound Oasis’ illumy – The Smart Sleep Mask is the undisputed King of Sleep Masks! This baby does it all. This mask is so smart, it provides light cues to help you fall asleep and wake you up (at your appointed time) which are the same tones NASA has used to help regulate sleep on the space station. In other words, you get your own personal sunset and sunrise with this mask which also blocks out all natural light! If you feel like you don’t get “good sleep”, the illumy is for you and it’s – pun intended – a dream! Use code KACY10 for 10% off your purchase (excluding the Vibroacoustic Therapy System). Click here to buy!

3. Milk Snob

Does anyone on your Christmas shopping list have a baby? If so, here’s the gift to give ’em! Milk Snob is all the rage for moms and their babes. They’re functional and adorable               fitted infant car seat covers that double as covers for nursing, shopping carts, high chairs, and more! One of my favorite things about Milk Snob is their super cute patterns! Betcha can’t just buy one! Click here to buy!

4. Vintage Dough Bowl by etuHOME

It can be hard shopping for the person on your Christmas shopping list who seems to have everything but you can’t go wrong with a decorative piece for the home! etuHOME‘s Vintage Distressed Dough Bowls are all handcrafted from reclaimed wood which gives them tons of character and beauty. These bowls would also be a perfect gift for someone on your list who loves to cook! After all, dough bowls were once used for making and kneading dough. etuHOME’s dough bowls are redesigned for the modern home and I couldn’t love ’em more! Get 10% off with code KACY10 through December 31st. Click here to buy!

5. Hera Cases

Ooo.. I am all about these Hera Cases! They’re crossbody luxury phone cases with interchangeable straps and they’re so stinking adorable. Besides the cute factor, my favorite thing about Hera Cases is that they allow you to be hands-free. Attach your phone and stick your key or lip gloss in the zipper pouch, throw it on and you’re ready to go! If you (and your back) are tired of carrying around a big Mary Poppins purse, grab a Hera Case for you and someone on your list! It’s simple and stylish. Click here to buy!

6. Mukikim’s Rock and Roll It – Drum Live!

Most parents probably hope their kid doesn’t ask for a drum set for Christmas for a few reasons.. the noise, cost, and space! Mukikim’s Rock and Roll It – Drum Live Set is the solution and a total win-win for parents and your child. This large pad looks (and sounds) like a real drum set and it includes headphones! It takes up hardly any space as you can roll it up when you’re done playing and take it anywhere you want to go! We know this gift will be a “hit” and will make you a real superstar in your kid’s eyes! Click here to buy!

7. Edens Garden’s Diamond Diffuser and Essential Oils

Gift-giving has never smelled so good! Edens Garden’s Diamond Diffuser is a beautiful way to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy! Drop in your favorite essential oils and choose the intervals and intensity! This diffuser is easy to use, super quiet and the attractive look will make it blend right in with your home’s decor! Essential oils are so popular and aromatherapy is one of the best ways to enjoy them.. just a couple reasons this is a perfect gift this Christmas! Click here to buy!

8. Teleties

Teleties make the perfect stocking stuffer or wrap ’em up as a gift! Say goodbye to those old black hair ties that stretch out and don’t hold your hair up well! Teleties are super functional hair ties that double as cute bracelets! Many women will have at least one or two black hair ties on the wrist at any given moment. Teleties makes that habit a whole lot cuter! Pick from different sizes and tons of different colors! I promise.. you’ll never go back. Click here to buy!

9. cellhelmet

Did you see cellhelmet on Shark Tank? The company got national exposure introducing the world’s most indestructible iPhone case on TV and now offers all the things for your phone! From power banks to charging cables to military grade phone case protection, cellhelmet is your one stop shop for your phone! cellhelmet is currently offering a $300 repair guarantee on their Pro Series. They’re also offering 50% off liquid glass until the end of the year. It’s the best way to protect your screen! Click here to shop!

10. Brooklyn Butcher Blocks

I didn’t think this American flag cutting board from Brooklyn Butcher Blocks could get any cooler until I read that the dimensions of the wooden stripes and canton are the same dimensions as Old Glory! Make a statement with this cutting board which would also make for a cute tray to display food at a party. Not only is this piece beautiful, it’s great quality! I’m in love with this piece as a gift idea for almost anyone on your list! Click here to buy!

11. Corny Co Essentials

I’m a huge fan of soy candles and that’s what Corny Co. Candles are all about! Handmade and 100% soy wax. The owner is a sweet mom of one who has a passion for creating these delicious smelling candles! The scents are really fun too.. Vintage Library, Shh.. I’m Reading, and Fresh Coffee just to name a few! Click here to shop!

12. Sondergut’s Roll-Up Travel Backgammon Game

It’s backgammon on the go! Sondergut’s leather backgammon game is top quality but also rolls up to the size of a miniature umbrella! The game pieces all fit in a zipper pouch on one end of the board. Obviously this game is perfect for travel but it’s also a great way to play backgammon at home.. without much storage space needed! Click here to buy!

13. Butter Bell’s Butter Crock

If you hate hard butter that’s impossible to spread smoothly onto bread, you need one of these – and so does everyone on your Christmas shopping list! Butter Bell’s Crocks allows you to store butter outside of the refrigerator thanks to their design and of course, science. These crocks keep your butter fresh and smooth as.. well, butter. Click here to buy!

14. American Bench Craft’s Cast Iron Handle Guards

These handcrafted cast iron grips by American Bench Craft are a perfect gift or stocking stuffer! They’re real leather, made by hand and we love the look! Ten steps up from silicon or cheesy patterned guards! And perfect for the men and women on your list! Click here to buy!

15. Coffee and A Classic

Subscription box gifts are such a unique idea and this one is one of my favorites! Coffee and a Classic is a monthly box subscription that comes with a classic book, something to sip on (coffee, tea or hot cocoa) and other goodies to go along with that month’s theme! This is PERFECT for the book worm in your life.. or treat yourself! Get 10% off with code KACY10. Click here to buy!

16. Precious Moments

Oh, how I love the Precious Moments brand! They create the sweetest gifts and items for your home. I’m loving this gift ideas.. a sweet tray, platter and decorative mason jars! These items all don some kind of uplifting word or phrase and we imagine anyone on your list would love these gifts for their kitchen! Click here to buy the tray, platter and mason jars!

17. J/Slides Footwear

Treat yourself or someone on your shopping list to a pair of J/Slides! We’re obsessed with these J/Slides Cora Taupe Suede Booties! Not only are they stylish and sturdy, they’re also waterproof! Perfect for a winter wardrobe! Click here to buy!

18. PeachSkinSheets

Give the gift of luxury this Christmas! PeachSkinSheets are 1500 thread count sheets that feel like a million bucks. I love that they’re super soft but also made of a Smart Fiber that regulates your body temperature – so you don’t wake up freezing or in a puddle! I think PeachSkinSheets are a great gift because of the product but I also love the packaging! A practical gift for anyone on your list! PeachSkinSheets are one of the sponsor of this year’s Dickens of A Christmas in downtown Franklin! You can get a link to the festival information through their website. Click here to head to their website and shop!

19. Nayked Apparel

The best basics! Men can be difficult to shop for but what guy wouldn’t love this basic hoodie that’s super cool and comfy? Nayked Apparel focuses on YOU and quality clothing without logos (hence the name “Nayked Apparel”). They have clothing for women too which would also make great Christmas gifts for the ladies in your life! Click here to shop their options!

20. CreekKooler

Floating coolers have never been cooler! The CreekKooler is practically a little boat for your drinks! It holds 30 cans and 20 pounds of ice and it’s perfect for a day at the pool, lake or on the river! You can even tow the CreekKooler behind a kayak. I love the cup holders in the top of it. Let the floating fun begin! Click here to buy!

21. The Vermont Flannel Company

Flannels just got even more fun! The Vermont Flannel Company offers classic and creative flannels – like this poncho with a collar and button detail! I love how feminine, flowy and flattering this flannel would be on any body type which makes it a perfect Christmas gift! Click here to shop!

22. AU Designs Studio

One of my favorite shops on Etsy! AU Designs Studio makes unique gifts for the home and kitchen that are soo special. Their bestseller is a dish towel with a handwritten recipe printed on it! What a sweet gift, right?! She also creates handwritten recipes on prints that you can frame. Click here to shop!

23. Elenco

Educational and fun! Elenco has all kinds of projects that kids to teach kids while entertaining them too! They can learn how to code and build a robot or create all kinds of different electronic projects! Learning while being entertained.. it’s a win win for parents and kids! Click here to shop!

24. Sugar Paper

When it comes to cute stationery and paper gifts, Sugar Paper is your go-to! They have the cutest stationery, cards, journals, notebooks and planners! In the photo above, you can see some of their thank you cards as well as a journal/pens and a sweet baby book! Click here to shop!

25. Point Two Design

How great is this Tennessee state flag?! It’s 100% cotton, 100% comfortable and 100% cool! Point Two Design creates all kinds of unique art to reflect and celebrate your favorite cities and states! I love all of their creations but definitely check out their “City Map Art” pieces! Click here to shop!

26. Readerest

If Readerest sounds or looks familiar, you just may have seen it on ABC’s Shark Tank! It’s a simple but stylish product that helps you never lose your glasses! Just pop one of these babies on your shirt and you have a place to rest your readers! Click here to shop!

27. Primula

I love Primula and Ecolution products for the kitchen! Hello, quality! They also make great gifts. I highly recommend Primula’s Pour Over Coffee Maker and Cast Iron Tea Pot! They’re both so useful as well as attractive pieces to add to your kitchen! Ecolution is all about eco-friendly cookware (which I totally love) and they offer non-stick pans that are healthier than your average non-stick! Yay! Click here to shop Ecolution! Click here to shop Primula!

28. RiverRidge Home

Get organized this Christmas or give the gift of organization! RiverRidge Home is all about home storage and organization products that make your life easier and more stylish! I love this Book Nook Kids Cubby Storage Cabinet with Bookrack (photo above). We all know it can be tough to keep your kid’s rooms tidy and organized but here’s your solution! RiverRidge Home helps create a space where everything has a place! Their products are also perfect for the New Year if you’re ready to freshen and tidy up your home! Click here to shop other RiverRidge products!

29Marcia Moran Jewelry

I loooove Marcia Moran Jewelry! Her pieces are classic, creative and perfect for any occasion! The owner/designer, Marcia, started her business in her living room and has grown it into a well known luxury costume jewelry line! Celebrities like Hoda Kotb can be seen wearing her pieces. I love the necklace photographed above – it’s the Perfect for a gift for yourself or someone on your list! Click here to shop Marcia Moran!

30. RAD Roller

Give someone the gift of a healthier lifestyle! RAD Roller helps your body feel and function better with all kinds of massage products! The RAD All-In Kit has everything you need from head to toe. Click here to shop!

31. Tea Drops

If you love loose leaf tea but you’re too busy to deal with it every day on the go, you must know about Tea Drops. Treat yourself and someone on your Christmas gift list! Tea Drops is American-made, fair trade, and organic tea “drops” that you simply unwrap, drop in hot water, and drink! It’s tea made easy! Click here to shop!

32. Murbles

The game anyone can play! Murbles is perfect for family gatherings whether it’s at a park, a beach or a backyard.. you can play this game virtually anywhere! The game has some similarities to Bocce but the oversized “marbles” are much lighter. The players get to pick the distance and the pace of the game which means anyone can play! I love that you can pick the colors you want in your Murbles game. Match your favorite sports team or school colors! It also comes in a convenient heavy duty bag to take and play wherever you go! Click here to buy!

33. Flying Point Apparel

A great gift for any guy on your Christmas shopping list! Flying Point Apparel makes life a little easier for men when they’re getting ready in the morning while also keeping them stylish. This sweater has an attached collared shirt that’s one piece – so you don’t have to worry about the wrinkles, bulge or heat from layering shirts. It’s more comfortable, easier and no one would ever know you’re only wearing a sweater! Click here to buy!

34. Brigade Kitchen

Quality cookware means quality meals! Non-stick skillets may be easy but there’s a reason professionals use stainless steel like this awesome skillet from Brigade Kitchen! The pan heats quickly and evenly and the handle even stays cool! Don’t forget the most popular item from Brigade Kitchen, the Santoku Knife, as a great gift idea! It’s versatile, strong, and has dimpled sides that prevent food from sticking! You (and everyone on your list) need this knife in your kitchen! Click here to shop!

35. Words with Boards

Cutting boards that really say something! Words with Boards create super special and personal gifts for those on your Christmas list! Customize your gift with your favorite wood option and the words you want featured! In addition to being a useful cutting board, I love the idea of using it as a charcuterie board! Too pretty not to put on display! Click here to shop!

36. Uber Chill XL Mini Fridge

I was first drawn to this mini fridge because I loved the retro look.. so cute! But I was quickly impressed that this guy not only keeps things cool but it’s also a warmer! It’s very light and compact which is perfect for an office or bedroom but it holds up to 12 cans! Plenty of space! Use code KACY10 for 10% off! Click here to shop!

37. Cut Maps

How cool is this cut-out map of the state of Tennessee?! Talk about a unique gift! Cut Maps creates all kinds of cool wall art pieces – from stainless steel wall maps to ornaments to oak state art pieces (like the one above)! Get 20% off site wide with code KACY20! Click here to shop!

38. State and Liberty Clothing Company

If your guy can’t buy dress shirts off the rack because they never fit right and has to get everything tailored, meet the perfect athletic fit shirt! State and Liberty Clothing Company was created as a solution to dress shirt problems and they offer lots of patterns and colors! Click here to shop!

39. Cubii

Life is busy and finding time to go to the gym can easily fall to the bottom of our to-do lists. That’s where Cubii steps in. Meet Cubii.. the compact elliptical that’s perfect for your office desk or even for your couch at home! Pedal your way to wellness while you’re on your computer, watching TV or reading a book. It couldn’t be more convenient! New Year’s resolutions are right around the corner. Give this gift to someone on your list AND yourself! Click here to buy!

40. Cubii

Life is busy and finding time to go to the gym can easily fall to the bottom of our to-do lists. That’s where Cubii steps in. Meet Cubii.. the compact elliptical that’s perfect for your office desk or even for your couch at home! Pedal your way to wellness while you’re on your computer, watching TV or reading a book. It couldn’t be more convenient! New Year’s resolutions are right around the corner. Give this gift to someone on your list AND yourself! Click here to buy!

41. Modarri

Want to make a little boy’s Christmas this year? Modarri makes the “Ultimate Toy Car” that you can design, build and drive! Plus, grab the Deluxe Street Track Bundle and your little guy will be able to design and build the track! These toys really let the creativity roll! Click here to buy!

42. Giant Hardwood Tumble Tower (Tosso.com)

A perfect outdoor social game! This Giant Tumble Tower from Tosso.com is huge! It stands three feet tall and nineteen stories high. The hardwood is good quality and you can even customize your set with a logo or graphics! Giant fun awaits! Click here to buy!

43. Giant 4 in a Row (Tosso.com)

The bigger, the better.. right? When it comes to games, we certainly think so! We love this Giant 4 in a Row game that’s perfect to play pretty much anywhere! One of my favorite things about this particular game from Tosso.com is the look (and quality)! It has a beautiful wood frame that makes it perfect to display in your living room (or anywhere)! No need to stuff this game in the closet. Click here to buy!

44. Love Pray Jewelry

If you love essential oils.. you’re really going to love these essential oil diffuser bracelets! Each one is made of beautiful gemstones and a few lava rock beads. All you have to do is drop a few drops onto the lava rock beads and you’ll carry around your favorite oil scent all day! Beautiful and healing! Click here to buy!

45. Pindaloo

The most addicting game we’ve recently discovered.. Pindaloo! It’s simple yet genius.. toss the ball out one side of the toy and try to catch it in the other side! You can play this game almost anywhere, it’s easy to pack, and anyone can play! Click here to buy!


Clothing is always a great gift and you can’t go wrong with a sweater.. sizing is usually a bit easier! I love love love the brand ALLSAINTS.. their selection is amazing! All of their pieces are good quality and they also offer many unique looks. Click here to buy!

47. Chippo

A golfer’s dream gift! Seriously though.. this is SO. COOL. On Chippo’s Instagram, they describe the game as the “glorious lovechild of golf and corn hole.” And that pretty much sums it up! Chippo is perfect for the backyard, beach, office or anywhere! Challenge your family and co-workers and have some fun while working on your short game! Click here to buy!

48. Aura Digital Frame

Aura Digital Frames make such a special gift! They’re the smartest picture frames I’ve come across. You simply download the Aura app, select photos that instantly pop up on your frame! And there’s no limit.. you can add up to 10,000 photos! The frame is also just really pretty so it’ll fit right in with your home’s decor. Click here to shop!

49. GoSports’ Kubb: Viking Clash Game

I recently discovered this game on a day at the lake with my family. We saw a group playing it and were instantly intrigued. We even asked them if we could try it out after they were done – and it was so much fun! It’s a game of throwing – challenging and fun! Click here to shop!

50. Ergo Ergo

I’m a little obsessed with these Ergo Ergo chairs! They’re not only cute but they help you work on your posture as well as your core muscles. The seat is really comfortable and the whole chair moves slightly which is why your muscles have to engage to keep you in place! Ergo Ergo chairs come in different colors and sizes.. for adults and kids! Click here to shop!

51. Hush Blankets

If you’re a hot sleeper, you need to know about Hush Blankets! The “Hush Iced: Cooling Weighted Blanket” is perfect for summers and people who are hot-natured! The material is made of cotton and sweat-wicking bamboo that helps keep you cool! Use code KACY for $35 off! Click here to shop!

52. Rosy Rings

I’m 100% a candle person and their botanical candles are some of my favorites I’ve ever come across! Rosy Rings brings a little bit of nature inside your home and enhance the scents with everything from leaves to berries to apples to cinnamon sticks! You have to smell it to believe it.. it’s amazing! Click here to shop!

53. Frieling’s Black Cube

If you’re like me and love the benefits of stainless steel but enjoy the ease of a non-stick, meets the Black Cube by Frieling! This pan is a dream come true! It’s a fusion of stainless and non-stick bringing you the best of both worlds! You can even use metal spatulas on it and wash it in the dishwasher! Hallelujah!  Click here to shop!

54. Native Maps

Native Maps celebrate your favorite cities with really cool prints. The one pictured above is Nashville’s neighborhoods. If you zoom in, you’ll see the hundreds of little names of each areas (“neighborhoods”) around town! Native Maps do tons of research and work with locals to make sure the details are all accounted for! We love this as a Christmas gift – and/or as a moving gift! Click here to shop!

55. Bingham Bliss

Perfect for a Christmas gift for new parents or a baby gift! Bingham Bliss makes everything by hand! From cute little outfits to teething rings to blankies and burp cloths, they’ve got everything you need to piece together the perfect baby present! The quality is top notch too and it’s pretty special to know someone has hand-sewn these items! Click here to shop!

56. Green Toys

Green Toys are good for fun and the environment! They’re made here in the U.S. from 100% recycled plastic and kids love ’em! The Toy Maker Dough Set and Extruder Dough Set featured above will be an instant hit with your kiddos! Let them get creative with some hands-on fun with products you can feel good about! Click here to buy!

57. Tiki Toss

Confession: One of my favorite games is the hook and ring game.. it’s so addicting! Tiki Toss has taken the classic game and gotten super creative with different spins on the same concept! Of course you can buy a classic Tiki Toss to go inside or outside but they have so much more! As you can see from the photo above, they have a Tiki Toss Desktop Editionthat’s a perfect gift for co-workers or anyone with a desk (or a coffee table for that matter). The Tiki Toss Free Toss Gamewill score you points with the basketball lover on your list. And you can’t go wrong with some family-friendly competition over the holidays with Tiki Toss Head 2 Head! Click here to shop their other options!

58. Criquet Shirts

Does anyone else think husbands are particularly hard to shop for? Well not this year! Criquet Shirts is making life a lot easier with their amazing selection. I especially love this black sweater fleece jacket! It’s comfortable but also very put together! Use code KACY15 for 15% off now through Christmas (one use per customer)! Click here to shop!

59. Inez Shoes

Now something for the ladies! Inez Shoes are all about comfortable heels! They’re helping us look feminine without killing our feet. They also have some really cute styles! I love the gold heels (pictured above) for Christmas and especially for New Year’s! Click here to shop!

60. Manta Sleep

Give someone (and yourself) the gift of a good night’s sleep! Manta Sleep has you covered with comfortable sleep masks the block out all the light and won’t pull your hair out! This would be perfect for a person on your list who’s a big traveler! Perfect as a gift or stocking stuffer! Click here to shop!

61. Hepp’s Salt Co.

Hepp’s Salt Co. make SUCH a fun gift! They have a huge variety of gourmet sea salts, organic cane sugars! Their flavors range from classic to creative! My pick for a Christmas gift would definitely be one of their gift sets. I love the Passport Collection (featured in the photo above) which features a range of salt flavors from around the world! Use code KACY20 for 20% off your purchase! Click here to shop!

62. Hairdorables

Big hair, don’t care! Hairdorables are on most little girl’s Christmas wish list this year! Each box comes with 11 surprises inside including the doll itself! The surprises are accessories and fashions that you unwrap and give you clues as to which Hairdorables doll is in your box! Click here to shop!

63. Safe Grabs

Safe Grabs makes life in the kitchen easier and safer! These 100% silicone microwave mats are BPA-free and there are so many ways to use ’em! They can be used as hot pads, trivets, splatter guards, jar openers, placemats, pot and pan grabbers, and so many more uses! If this product looks familiar, you may have seen them on ABC’s hit show, Shark Tank! Click here to shop!

64. William Murray Golf

If you’ve got a golfer on your Christmas list, you can’t go wrong with something from William Murray Golf! I love this Chip Shot Pullover (pictured above) because it’s a good quality pullover that’s perfect to wear for a round or off the course! You also can’t go wrong with William Murray polos.. they have so many colors and designs. Be sure to click hereto check out their selection. Click here to buy the Chip Shot Pullover!

65. Peek & Push Game

If it’s not solitaire or one of those games in your closet for a large group, what do you play? Peek & Push is the perfect game for two! It’s a strategy game that puts your memory to the test! Click here to buy!

66. Classic Jabbit

I love the simplicity of OgoSport’s Classic Jabbit game! Play with your family and friends by slinging the ball then “jabbing it” to catch it! Click here to buy!

67. Nerdwax

If you or anyone on your Christmas list wears glasses or sunglasses, throw some Nerdwax in their stocking! You may have seen this product on ABC’s hit show, Shark Tank, but if you haven’t.. let me explain. Nerdwax is a blend of natural and organic ingredients that you rub onto your glasses to keep them in place! So simple yet so genius! Click here to shop!

68. Tommy John

It’s true. Guys can sometimes be hard to shop for.. but who doesn’t need more undies? Really comfortable and stylish undies at that?? Tommy John has you covered for men and women! They’re offering special holiday packs right now that come in festive designs! Click here to shop!

69. Tablift by NBryte

Take your tablet anywhere and enjoy hands-free! Tablift by NBryte lets you kick back, relax and enjoy your tablet (fits virtually every size) in bed, sitting down, on a table for the kids, or pretty much anywhere else! Click here to buy!

70. John Boos & Co.

Hello, good quality! A cutting board is always a great gift idea and you can’t go wrong with John Boos and Company. Their boards are heavy duty and beautiful.. exactly what you need in your kitchen! So yes, buy yourself one and get one for someone on your list! Click here to shop!

71. Heather’s Craft Hutch

If you’re looking for cute, clever and well, hilarious.. check out the variety of handmade items from Heather’s Craft Hutch on Etsy! She makes T-shirts, dish towels and more.. and they will reflect your personality! Perfect for a gift or stocking stuffer! Click here to shop and use code KACY10 for 10% off!

72. Food Huggers

It’s easy to love avocados but who doesn’t that how quickly they brown!? But thanks to Food Huggers, you can keep your favorite produce fresh with a little hug! Food Huggers come in all sizes so they fit almost any produce.. from lemons to peppers to tomatoes! Don’t worry about being wasteful again.. give your food a hug! Click here to shop!

73. Escape the Crate

If you love the Escape Game, you’ll definitely love Escape the Crate! It’s a subscription box that brings the fun to your doorstep every other month! Inside this box of fun, you’ll find clues, puzzles and codes to crack! Each box takes about an hour and a half to solve! Click here to shop!

74. Driftaway Coffee

Speaking of subscriptions, Driftaway Coffee offers coffee bean subscriptions – and what could be better than coffee from all over the world arriving to your doorstep every month?! Not only that but Driftaway Coffee starts off by sending you four coffee beans to sample. You rate them and then Driftaway will begin crafting your orders to your preferences! It’s a great way to discover new coffees and make coffee convenient. Click here to shop!

75. Gigimey

I love giving Christmas presents that are personal. Gigimey’s handmade jewelry is so special because you can customize the pieces to say what you want! You simply pick the type of jewelry you want then share what you’d like engraved! You can engrave everything from initials to names to state outlines! Use code KACY15 for 15% off! Click here to shop!

76. Microplane Graters

The only grater set you’ll ever need! Microplane’s graters are sharper than your average grater resulting in more ease and better results! And if you’re like me and didn’t know you needed more than one grater, think again! Microplane has different graters for the many different foods you’ll want to grate – all designed for optimal results! Get 10% off with code KACY10. Click here to shop!

77. B3 Bean Bag Bucketz, B3 Blitz, B3 Finger Rocketz

Take the fun wherever you go! B3 Bean Bag Bucketz, B3 Blitz and B3 Finger Rocketz are all fun and a little competition for the whole family! The games are all portable and can be played pretty much anywhere! You can buy B3 Bean Bag Bucketz on Amazonor at Dick’s Sporting GoodsBass ProCabelasand other retailers. You can buy B3 Blitz on Amazon and B3 Finger Rocketz on Amazon.

78. Wildflower Loft

How pretty is this sign? You must get one for someone on your Christmas list and yourself, of course! It’s from a darling little shop on Etsy called, Wildflower Loft. They offer all kinds of handpainted signs and other beautiful treasures for your home. This particular sign, in my opinion, would look just perfect hanging in a dining room over a farm table! Click here to shop.

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